Which are the best websites to find out more about wine in RSA?

Exploring Wines in South Africa: Best Websites for Information

When it comes to discovering more about wines in South Africa, several websites serve as valuable resources. In this article, we highlight some of the best websites that offer comprehensive information and insights about South African wines.


Bulkwine.africa is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to the bulk wine industry in South Africa. It serves as a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of bulk wine, providing a convenient and transparent platform for trade. From browsing available offerings to negotiating deals, the website offers a streamlined experience for industry professionals looking to source or sell bulk wine in South Africa.

1. Wines of South Africa (WOSA)

Wines of South Africa (WOSA) is the official website dedicated to promoting the country’s wine industry. Visit their website at wosa.co.za to access a wealth of information about South African wine regions, varietals, wineries, events, and news. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a professional, WOSA provides a comprehensive resource to satisfy your curiosity.

2. South African Wine

For detailed insights into South African wines, consider visiting the South African Wine website at southafricanwine.com. This website offers extensive information about wine producers, regions, grape varieties, wine tourism, news articles, tasting notes, and reviews.

3. Wine.co.za

Wine.co.za is an all-encompassing online wine portal that covers various aspects of the South African wine industry. Explore their website at wine.co.za for a comprehensive wine directory, articles, wine events, and an opportunity to purchase South African wines.

4. Cape Wine Lovers’ Society

The Cape Wine Lovers’ Society website is an excellent resource for wine enthusiasts seeking information about South African wines. Visit their website at capewinelover.co.za to discover winery profiles, wine guides, news, events, and wine-related articles. They also offer a platform for online wine purchases.

5. WineLand Magazine

WineLand Magazine, a leading South African wine publication, provides engaging content about the country’s wine industry. Their website offers access to their digital magazine and an archive of past issues. Visit their website at winelandmagazine.co.za to stay updated with articles, interviews, reviews, and news.

6. Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar, primarily an online wine retailer, offers valuable resources for wine enthusiasts on their website. Explore their educational articles, tasting notes, vintage guides, and wine recommendations. Visit their website at winecellar.co.za to dive into the world of fine and rare South African wines.

7. Platter’s Wine Guide

Platter’s Wine Guide, a renowned South African wine publication, releases an annual guidebook with ratings, reviews, and detailed information about South African wines and wineries. Although their website doesn’t provide direct access to their ratings database, you can learn more about Platter’s Wine Guide at wineonaplatter.com


These websites offer a wealth of information about South African wines, regions, wineries, and other aspects of the wine industry. Exploring these resources will allow you to immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant world of South African wines.

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