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The Preferred Logistics Partner for

When it comes to exporting wine, a reliable logistics partner plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of your precious cargo. One such trusted name in the industry is JF Hillebrand. With their expertise, global network, and tailored solutions, they have become the preferred logistics partner for Below is why we choose JF Hillebrand as our logistics provider for exporting wine, and we highlight the benefits and advantages they bring to the table.

1. Specialization in Beverage Logistics

JF Hillebrand has established itself as a leading logistics provider with a specialization in beverage transportation. Their in-depth knowledge and experience in handling wine, spirits, and beer logistics give them a unique understanding of the specific requirements and challenges faced by the industry. By partnering with JF Hillebrand, benefits from their industry expertise and tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the wine export business.

2. Global Network and Infrastructure

With a vast global network and infrastructure, JF Hillebrand has the capability to support wine exports to various destinations worldwide. Their extensive reach ensures that can efficiently ship their wines to markets across Europe and beyond. JF Hillebrand’s presence in key wine-producing regions, including South Africa, allows for seamless coordination and efficient handling of shipments, from the vineyard to the end consumer.

3. Comprehensive Logistics Services

JF Hillebrand offers a comprehensive range of logistics services that cater specifically to the wine industry. They provide end-to-end solutions, including transportation by road, sea, and air, warehousing, customs clearance, and temperature-controlled storage options. By availing these services, can streamline their export operations, ensuring the wines are handled with care and delivered to customers in optimal condition.

4. Commitment to Quality and Compliance

When it comes to exporting wine, maintaining quality and complying with regulations is of utmost importance. JF Hillebrand shares this commitment and prioritizes quality control and regulatory compliance throughout the logistics process. They have robust quality management systems in place and adhere to industry standards to safeguard the integrity of the wines being transported. This aligns perfectly with’s dedication to delivering exceptional wines to their customers.

5. Tailored and Flexible Solutions

JF Hillebrand understands that every wine exporter has unique requirements. They offer tailored and flexible logistics solutions to cater to the specific needs of Whether it’s selecting the most suitable transportation mode, managing custom requirements, or providing temperature-controlled storage options, JF Hillebrand works closely with to design customized solutions that optimize efficiency and minimize costs.


Choosing the right logistics partner is crucial for a successful wine export business, and has found a reliable partner in JF Hillebrand. With their expertise in beverage logistics, global network, comprehensive services, commitment to quality and compliance, and tailored solutions, JF Hillebrand provides the necessary support to streamline the export process and ensure the wines reach their destination in pristine condition. By entrusting their logistics to JF Hillebrand, can focus on their core business of exporting high-quality bulk wine, knowing that their logistics needs are in capable hands.

PS, What is the relationship between JF Hillebrand Gori and DHL?

JF Hillebrand, Gori, and DHL are all separate companies operating in the logistics industry. While there may be collaborations or partnerships between them on specific projects or services, they are independent entities with their own operations and areas of expertise.

  • JF Hillebrand is a global logistics provider specializing in beverage transportation, including wine, spirits, and beer. They have a strong presence in the wine industry and offer a range of services related to the shipping, warehousing, and distribution of alcoholic beverages.
  • Gori is a leading logistics company based in Italy. They provide a wide range of logistics services, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, and transportation solutions. Gori has expertise in various industries, including wine and beverages.
  • DHL is a global logistics and courier company that offers a broad range of services, including express parcel delivery, freight transportation, supply chain management, and e-commerce solutions. DHL operates in numerous countries and serves various industries, including the wine and beverage sector.

While the specific relationships between these companies may vary, it is possible that they collaborate or form partnerships to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to clients. For example, JF Hillebrand may partner with Gori or DHL for certain aspects of their operations, such as customs clearance, transportation, or last-mile delivery services. These collaborations allow them to leverage each other’s expertise and resources to deliver efficient and effective logistics solutions to their customers.

It’s important to note that the nature and extent of these relationships may vary, and it’s always best to refer to the official websites or reach out to the respective companies directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their partnerships and collaborations.

Now you can ship wine with confidence.

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