Flexitanks: Revolutionizing Bulk Liquid Transport for Global Trade

All about Flexitanks (flexibags) for bulk wine shipment

In the world of modern shipping, flexibility and efficiency are paramount for the transportation of bulk liquids. Flexitanks, also known as flexibags, have emerged as a game-changing solution, revolutionizing the way liquids are shipped globally. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of flexitanks and how they have become the preferred choice for businesses seeking a seamless and cost-effective method to transport bulk liquids.

1. What are Flexitanks?

Flexitanks are large, single-use, flexible containers specially designed to transport non-hazardous bulk liquids. Made from high-quality, food-grade polyethylene or similar materials, flexitanks can hold up to 24,000 liters of liquid, providing a safe and hygienic solution for the shipping industry.

2. Versatility and Compatibility

Flexitanks are suitable for a wide range of non-hazardous liquids, including edible oils, juices, wines, liquid chemicals, and more. Their compatibility with various liquid types makes them a versatile option for different industries.

3. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to traditional shipping methods, flexitanks offer remarkable cost savings. Their lightweight construction reduces transportation costs, and their ease of use significantly reduces loading and unloading times. Moreover, the elimination of return freight expenses, as flexitanks are disposable after use, adds to the overall cost-effectiveness.

4. Enhanced Safety and Protection

Flexitanks are engineered to provide excellent protection for the liquid cargo during transit. They are equipped with multi-layered barriers that safeguard against contamination, spoilage, and external contaminants, ensuring that the liquid reaches its destination in optimal condition.

5. Simplified Logistics and Storage

Flexitanks are supplied in a compact, folded form, occupying minimal space during transportation to the point of use. This aspect not only reduces the cost of transportation but also minimizes storage requirements, making them an ideal choice for businesses with limited space.

6. Eco-Friendly Solution

Flexitanks contribute to sustainability efforts due to their disposable nature and the reduction of waste generation. Additionally, their lightweight design further reduces carbon emissions during transportation, promoting eco-friendly logistics practices.


Flexitanks have revolutionized the way bulk liquids are transported globally, offering unparalleled benefits for businesses and the environment alike. Their versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness have made them the preferred choice for industries seeking a reliable and eco-friendly solution for transporting bulk liquids. As global trade continues to evolve, flexitanks will undoubtedly play an increasingly significant role in meeting the ever-growing demand for efficient and sustainable logistics solutions.

PS, where can I buy flexitanks in SA?

There are a number of options listed, including:

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